Hidden Depths

Hidden Depths started out with a big bang, and I wasn't disappointed. Angela Claire made all the characters come alive in her vivid storytelling. The storyline with characters' dialogues made the story entertaining, suspenseful, and erotic at times.

The sexual tension, chemistry, steamy scenes between Evan Reynolds and Andrea Prentiss were scorching hot. This erotic suspense story flowed constantly with its twist and turns, and the setting was realistic. I could imagine: being on Evan's isolated island; Andrea Prentiss on the run again due to her dangerous past coming for her; and Evan only interested in Andrea. I finished the book in one sitting. I look forward to reading more of Angela Claire's books.


Book Blurb for Hidden Depths

Evan Reynolds likes his sex straightforward and without strings attached. An anonymous hook-up is just his style. So the hot quickie with the high-class escort he hired to meet him at one of his father’s parties suits him just fine.

The only problem is she’s not a call girl.

Supremely aloof executive assistant Andrea Prentiss has shot down passes from guys in a dozen different languages. So when she realizes big-money-on-both-sides-of-the-family Evan thinks she’s a whore he’s ordered up like a flower arrangement, it should have prompted one of her most disdainful set-downs.

Instead, it makes the ice princess hot. When Andrea gets together with Evan, her cool façade melts away and his laid-back front starts to show its possessive, alpha-male Reynolds roots.

But Andrea isn’t who she seems. Her thaw is interrupted after a chance meeting identifies her resemblance to a long-lost heiress. She disappears without a word only to reappear months later. She’s in trouble, he’s confused and they’re both exploring hidden depths.

A Romantica® erotic suspense romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50