Dangerous Match

Reading Dangerous Match by Alyssa Stevens was an exhilarating adrenaline rush. Sevastyan Rykov (Russian alpha werewolf) and Elsa Ware (female vampire) made an explosive combination in this story. They separately battled their way for survival in the supernatural underground fight ring. They worked together as a team planning their escape and killing of Gerhard Ubel (Vampire) and his pet witch. When will Elsa's backup arrive?

Could a vampire and werewolf be mates? They met and fall in bed all in one day. Sevastyan and Elsa have an intense sexual relationship, and great chemistry. This book is Spicy! Burn, baby burn! I liked his alpha intensity in dealing with Elsa.

Beware! This story is not for the faint hearted.

The story was awesome and well-written. The author whipped up a great story filled with action, suspense, drama, romance, and conflicts. This story was not a cookie cutter story. I finished it too fast, and will read it again.

I give Dangerous Match 4.5 stars! Expect to be flipping pages as you race towards an HEA. I highly recommend this author.


Book Blurb for Dangerous Match

They must escape together—or not at all.

Elsa Ware is chained in a lightless dungeon, awaiting her turn to fight for her life. But it’s all just part of her job. For over a century, the vampire warrior has worked alone, roaming the night to protect her race.

Sent to infiltrate an underground fight ring that pits unwilling supernaturals against each other in gladiatorial combat, she has the skills to survive in this treacherous world. But nothing prepared her for an intense attraction to a sexy Russian werewolf.

Sevastyan Rykov is undefeated in the bloody game he’s forced to play, but the demon bite he just received is a death sentence. Until a beautiful vampire is thrown into his cell just as the poison turns him into a crazed predator.

Confronted by Sevastyan’s uncontrollable blood lust, Elsa does everything in her power to entrance him—and turns his need for violence into another kind of need altogether. But it’s a fiery connection with the power to overcome the evil around them…or destroy them both.

Warning: Contains graphic fighting scenes, gore and blood galore, and extremely hot sex between a vampire and her alpha werewolf mate.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.50