Bewitching The Alpha

Hex My Heart, #3

Everyone has at one time or another thought about a what if moment. Witch Ember has regrets over how she ended things abruptly with alpha werewolf Julian. Finally, Ember decided after the long separation to confront Julian. What will she do? Will he forgive her?

Her bad choices and lack of communication were the downfall in the relationship. She chosen her family over her mate. Who will she choose in the end?

This do over moment was hot, intense, and fast paced. I loved the story! These two characters had chemistry and steamy moments. Plus we get an alpha take charge attitude. This do over really deserved a happily ever after for the couple. What a way to go!

Bewitching the Alpha: Hex my Heart Series, Book 3 by Talina Perkins deserves 4.5 stars!


Book Blurb for Bewitching The Alpha

Enjoy a sexy alpha werewolf romance while on the go!

The Hex My Heart series is fabulous for satisfying your craving for a hot alpha shifter while on the go or for a fix right before bedtime.

Sometimes breaking the rules is the only way…

Forced out of the Royal High Council of Witches and shunned by her family for mating Julian, a wolf shifter, Ember is given an ultimatum: leave Sweet Briar Hollow, or her whole family pays the ultimate price for her sins.

She should have let them take their magickal powers.

Almost a year later, Ember is back and no amount of magick or law will stop the once sweet and calm witch from reclaiming her mate. With a plan in place and a devil-may-care take on the world, only one thing can stop her. Julian. Armed with a drop of dragon’s blood and an illegal truth spell, Ember has until the stroke of midnight on the winter solstice to mend their bond and forge a new future with her shifter. But when the truth comes to light can he forgive her for leaving him? Or will her spell cast them farther apart?

Just one little problem with her charm she didn’t count on… a very pissed off and lusty half-naked alpha shifter and the full moon.

Not what she expected. Honestly. Well, maybe she did. Either way, if her truth spell turned and bit her in the rump, she’d need more than her magick to help her win back her alpha. All’s fair in the world of magick and love.

Hex My Heart, a werewolf erotic series, follows five coven sisters as they find true love through their misadventures with love spells gone wrong with a botched hex or two. Be warned, this series is smokin' hot!

**Can be read as a stand-alone, no cliffhangers.**

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50