2nd Edition: The Godrabbit

Protect and Serve Multi Author Book 5

Flopsy Lapin "Godrabbit" and Lady Grace Satin have not acted on their mutual attraction. These bunny shifters have a story to tell.

Read to find out what drove Flopsy over the edge. These two are headed for an HEA. But along the way you get a seat to their story. This story is definitely a winner!

The Godrabbit is in its second edition. This is a fun quick read with lots of romance and action. Readers also get the needed steamy scenes, sexual tension, and off the charts chemistry between Flopsy and Grace. Can you say are spicy!

The story is well-written and the character dialogues have depth and personality. I found this to be a huge escape from daily life read. The characters come to life and the pacing was right on. The author also brings you into the environment with a very realistic setting. Cynthia Sax delivers her original style in this story. It deserves 5 Stars!

Book Blurb for 2nd Edition: The Godrabbit

I am known by many names. My beloved mother called me Flopsy Lapin. Lady Grace Satin jokes that I am the wickedest rabbit in all of the world. Her father, Lord Satan, dares to label me a mobster street rabbit. You, my friend, may call me the Godrabbit.

Lady Grace is the only female I lust after. My bloodstained hands are unworthy of holding her, so when a high-class hooker with Lady Grace's face, voice, scent, and everything else, wanders into my casino, I make her an offer she can't refuse. This leads to a night I will never forget.

Note: The Godrabbit is a prequel to Protect And Serve: Badge Bunny, and is not actually part of the Protect and Serve series. We're just -- ahh -- keeping it in the family, so to speak.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 5.00