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Seven Days of Kama Sutra, Nine Days of Arabian Nights

I'm going to preface this review by stating that I'm a fan of Ms Bradley's writing having read and enjoyed her previous works.

Exotica: Seven Days of Kama Sutra, Nine Days of Arabian Nights is an exciting, erotic page-turner that does not disappoint. Part One of Exotica is Seven Days of Kama Sutra which is the story of Lilli DeForrest and Rajan. I was immediately pulled into this story by Ms Bradley's wonderful gift with description and easy, flowing style. The love story and how it plays out between these two was captivating. Part Two is Nine Days of Arabian Nights and is the story of Caroline Winter and Kian. This story took me on a rollercoaster ride and had me cheering for this couple.

Ms Bradley's wonderful storytelling ability, knack for description and transports you right into the story and holds you there until the very last page. After reading this book, I needed a cold drink to cool off and wanted a plane ticket to Exotica. If you are a fan of sensual, erotic and romantic writing then I highly recommend this novel.

Book Blurb for Exotica

Welcome to Exotica.

a lush, sensual retreat where women can experience their most taboo fantasies.

Step inside-and leave your inhibitions at the door..

When her old friend Caroline invites her to Exotica for a week of pampering and pleasure, Lilli DeForrest has no idea what to expect. But when Rajan steps into her suite, the attraction is intense, immediate, overwhelming. He is her ideal lover-by turns tender, commanding, erotic. But, as Lilli is about to discover, Rajan's masterful touch is just the beginning.

As manager of the luxurious retreat, Caroline Winter creates thrilling escapist fantasies for other women. Now she's about to live out a fantasy of her own: dark, exotic Kian will challenge her to accept the exquisite pleasures he offers. But what Caroline doesn't expect is the power of Kian's sensuality.surrendering to him means abandoning herself completely-and giving up all control.

For Lilli, it's the chance to test the limits of her sexuality. For Caroline, it's trusting Kian with her most hidden desires even as she's uncovering his own guarded secret. And for both women, it's a journey into the hidden depths of fantasy-as they discover just how far they'll go in search of seduction, surrender, and pleasure beyond imagining..

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00