Why Nileas Loved the Sea

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Why Nileas Loved the Sea

Why Nileas Loved the Sea is a beautifully written book by Ariel Tachna. I thoroughly enjoyed the romance between Nileas and Aeolus. They had a very loving and amazing relationship that touched me long after I put the book down. 
Aeolus is a merman who has had a mission in life. For the past few years, Aeolus has tried to save helpless sailors from the seductive siren’s song. But, to his utter sadness, he has failed to keep the sailors away from them, and every one of them has perished in the sea. One day to Aeolus’ happy surprise there is a captain and a man at the helm of the ship that seems to be able to ignore the Siren’s wicked voices and instead are somehow able to see Aeolus and try to follow him out into the sea and away from the deadly Sirens song. But, to Aeolus’ dismay, the other crewmen of the ship are crazed with lust for the Sirens and kill the captain and are after the handsome man at the helm so they can turn the ship around back toward the call of the Sirens. To save his life, the young man jumps from the ship and Aeolus saves him. Aeolus is immediately captivated by the handsome human man. There is something that calls to his heart and soul, but he knows that any love or feelings he has for the man would be useless because of the differences between them. Nileas can’t believe his good luck when the handsome merman saved his life. As Aeolus starts the long journey to Nileas’ home, Nileas can’t help but feel a physical attraction and an emotional pull between them. He soon craves the merman’s touch and sweet kisses. When Aeolus explains that it would be almost impossible for there to be anything between them, Nileas becomes determined to prove the merman wrong…and he’s willing to do anything and to sacrifice anything to be in Aeolus’ arms forever. 
I loved this book! I loved the lyrical way Ms. Tachna told this story. I was swept up in the magic of the sea and the beautiful relationship that developed between Aeolus and Nileas. Both heroes were very well developed and likeable people. I easily rallied behind both of them and my heart raced with happiness when they found their happy ending together. This is the second book I’ve read by Ariel Tachna, and it’s definitely not my last. She has quickly become a must read author for me and I’m anxiously looking forward to reading more books written by her.
For more information about Ariel Tachna and her other works, please visit her website at: http://www.arieltachna.com

Book Blurb for Why Nileas Loved the Sea

For years, Aeolus has fought the Sirens, trying to rescue hapless sailors from their clutches, to no avail. When he encounters Nileas, the first man to heed his warnings in time to be saved, Aeolus at last has a chance to indulge his fascination with the world of men. As they begin the long journey back to Nileas’s home at the other side of the Mediterranean, sharing stories of their respective lives, it becomes apparent Nileas is just as fascinated with the world of the sea—and with the merman who saved him.

Despite the attraction growing between them, neither can see a way past the limitations of their races. Aeolus cannot live long on land, nor Nileas survive in the sea, but their love proves stronger than Aeolus’s determination to let Nileas go. Can they find a compromise that will let them share their lives, or will they need to challenge the gods for the right to be together forever?

Genre: Fairy Tale

Length: Novella

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00