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Take the Lead

Take the Lead by Johnny Diaz is a humorous, heartfelt and bittersweet look into the life of gay professor, Gabriel Galan. At 35, Gabriel seemingly has everything going for him in his life. He has a career that he adores, he's popular among his students and he's dating a younger man. But, everything is not what it seems in Gabriel's life. Gabriel longs to have a steady partner to share his life with. He's often insecure about aging and the possible consequences of dating a younger man. But, one of the most important things in Gabriel's life is his father. Watching his father's health decline from Parkinson's disease is hard on him, so he does what he can to help him in any way he can. When he meets his father's dance instructor, Adam who specializes in dancing with people who suffer from Parkinson's disease, sparks fly between them. Has Gabriel finally found the man and life partner he's been looking for?

Take the Lead takes us on a journey of Gabriel's life. It's a book about family, friendship and love. I want to point out that even though I still consider this book a romance, the romance is just a small part of the novel itself. In my opinion, it focuses more on Gabriel and his father's struggle with Parkinson's disease and how it ends up affecting not only the person who has it, but family too.

I really liked this book. I really adored Gabriel and I enjoyed watching him deal with the different obstacles that life continuously throws his way. He's a very likeable and well written character that was easy to root for and care about. The insecurities he has and the issues Gabriel has with his father made Take the Lead a very well thought out and realistic read. I loved the chemistry that Gabriel had with Adam and I really enjoyed the scenes they had together. Take the Lead is an interesting, fast paced read with well written and likeable characters that will live on with you long after the book is finished.

This is the first book I've read by Mr. Diaz and it won't be my last. I look forward to reading more by Mr. Diaz and I'll definitely look out for more books written by him in the future. I enjoyed his easy style of writing and his informative and creative writing skills. He also has a very interesting website that I really enjoyed. Here is the link to check it out: http://www.beantowncubanito.blogspot.com/

Book Blurb for Take the Lead

Popular college professor Gabriel Galan has a job he adores in Boston, a hot young lover, and a buddy who goes along on pub crawls and Star Trek nights alike. But Gabriel wants more.

When Gabriel's stubbornly independent father needs help managing his Parkinson's disease, Gabriel takes on more than he bargained for, and his smooth-cruising life is about to take a sharp turn as he teeters on the edge of a new crush on Adam, his father's physical therapy dance class instructor. Gabriel has always yearned for a co-pilot on his journey through life, but first he needs to take the lead and navigate the troubled waters of his own heart.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50