Phaze Binary 2

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Phaze Binary 2

"Foreign Relations" and "Perfect Stranger"

Binary 2: Perfect Strangers and Foreign Relations is a two story anthology written by the same author Jack Greene. It is a novella that consists of two very short stories. Both stories consist of pretty young men being attracted to slightly dominating, big and masculine heroes.

Perfect Strangers

Jordan must go to the mall and buy some dress pants. He ends up having a conflict with a big burly man over a parking spot. When a handsome man comes to Jordan’s rescue, he is immediately attracted to him, but because Jordan is afraid of rejection he keeps his attraction to himself and both men part ways.  Later, while Jordan is trying on pants, he runs into the handsome rescuer again in the dressing room. To Jordan’s delight, the man, Robert, seduces him in the dressing room where they have sex in the dressing room stall and then later at Roberts house.

Foreign Relations

Jesse thought it was going to be another boring Geology Lab class until the teaching assistant and grad student, Eric, walked in the door. Not only was Eric masculine, muscled and sexy, his sexy Swedish accent captivates Eric from his first spoken word. Although Eric is attentive to Jesse’s questions, he is with everyone else, too. Jesse soon starts to believe that Eric is straight, so he decides to keep his infatuation to himself. One late night, Jesse goes to a laundry mat and runs into the handsome Eric. The men soon start talking and realize that they are both gay and attracted to one another.  They end up having sex at the laundry mat and end up deciding that they should continue their romance at Eric’s house.

I really liked both stories.  All the heroes in both stories were likable and the sex scenes were pretty erotic. I thought the very public sexual encounters were both naughty and sexy and I loved it! I liked that even though each story had a Happy For Now ending, there still was the promise of their relationships becoming something more serious in their future. They were both quick, fun-filled reads and not meant to be taken too seriously, and I hated to see them both end.

Book Blurb for Phaze Binary 2

Heat rating: 3 Novas
# of pages or word count: 31 pages
Genre: Single-author 2-story contemporary M/M erotic romance anthology
In Perfect Stranger, Robert comes to Jordan's rescue in a mall parking lot then ravishes him in a department store changing room. It's lust at first sight.
In Foreign Relations, Jesse gets some extra credit from a hot Swedish grad student. They have their own international incident right in the Laundromat.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.25