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Murder Design

Sidney Singer is a very popular fashion model who lives his life in the fast lane. His perfect world shatters when his live-in-lover is murdered, and now Sidney is the prime suspect. Now, Sidney is definitely no angel. He’s a little self centered, spoiled, and a little bratty and in his own words has made a few “slutty” decisions in the past. But, he’s not a murderer and his only hope to stay out of the slammer is a straight-laced detective that Sidney feels an immediate connection with.
When Detective Greg Wilson was assigned to the case he had no idea that he would become immediately infatuated with the prime suspect. There is something about Sidney that pulls at his heartstrings, and he has a gut feeling that Sidney is innocent, and has been framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Since Greg is the lead detective with the case, he knows that his feelings for Sidney are inappropriate, but he can’t seem to help himself become more emotionally involved the more he is around the pretty man. 
As Greg investigates the case, he is convinced that Sidney is an innocent man. But, clearing Sidney’s name is only part of Greg’s problem. He’s fallen deeply in love with Sidney, and though he's aware Sidney has feelings for him Greg, knows that Sidney’s opulent lifestyle,as well as the gorgeous model himself, is way out of his league. 
Sidney on the other hand, has fallen totally in love for the first time in his life. Greg is unlike anyone that Sidney has ever known. He’s noble and puts others before himself and isn’t like the typical superficial, shallow men Sidney is used to being around.
Will they be able to work through their own issues and find a way to be together? Will Greg find the real killer and clear Sidney’s name?
I loved this book. Yes, it was a very easy book to read and Sidney and Greg pretty much fall in love with each other at first sight, which of course, the romantic in me did appreciate. I honestly figured out who the real killer was way before the end of the book. There are also some things that I thought was a little far-fetched, and honestly it's not the most realistic book I’ve ever read.  But, what it DID do is give me several hours of escape from the hum drum of my own life with it's fast paced storyline and characters that I really enjoyed reading about.  Of course, I absolutely fell in love with Sidney’s character. I adored watching him evolve from being a spoiled brat, to a loving and wonderful man. He and Greg are really great together and their differences really balance each other out. Even Sidney’s best friend, Chris, was adorable and one day I hope he gets his own Greg in his life that will sweep him off his pretty feet. 
If you are a fan of Jade’s other books, you’ll definitely love this one. Jade’s signature easy style and fabulous heroes made Murder by Design an addictive read indeed!
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Book Blurb for Murder Design

Sidney has it all: he's a gorgeous, sought-after male model, and he lives with Alan, who worships the ground he walks on. He's surrounded by friends and luxury. His life may not be conventional, but he's happy.
Then Alan is murdered, and Sidney is arrested for the crime. All evidence points to Sidney, but the detective assigned to the case is sure they've got the wrong man. Detective Greg Wilson is convinced of Sidney's innocence, but is it because he's falling for him? Can Greg solve the case before it's too late?
Length: Eclipse (61K words)


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50