Love Bites

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Love Bites

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for a great vampire romance. The sexual tension between a sexy, mysterious vampire and a willing, unsuspecting hero is really right up my alley. Love Bites by Jade Falconer definitely tapped into mystery, fantasy and intrigue of being ravished by a seductively sexy vampire.
When Matthew’s boyfriend died last year in a tragic car accident, his life was changed forever. Matthew has been going through the motions of life, but never quite joining in. He’s filled with guilt and remorse over the loss of his lover, but now a year later, he’s ready to try to get to living again.
When his friends invite him to a costume party at the club on Halloween night, Matthew can’t resist going. He’s nervous, but excited. He prays that the Harem girl costume he decides to wear isn’t too outrageous, and hopefully attracts a dance partner or four.
For over two hundred and fifty years, Paul has looked for a mate. Living the life of a vampire is a lonely one. When Paul spots the pretty man in the sexy Harem costume, he is immediately captivated with him. When comes to take a closer look, and Matthew spots him, both men are immediately entranced with each other. 
They talk; dance and soon they are at Matthew’s house having the hottest sex that either of them has had in a long time. Peter is very dominant and forceful, and this brings out the submissive side of Matthew that he never realized existed. Everything about Peter turns Matthew on…from the sexy biting on his neck to Peter’s quirkiness about leaving before dawn, and being unable to be reached during the daylight hours.
Both men happily agree to continue their date that night. When Matthew has time to reflect on the night before and by some of the other behaviors that Peter has, he begins to suspect that maybe Peter really wasn’t wearing a just a costume after all. This doesn’t bother Matthew at all because of the deep emotional and sexual chemistry they share.
I really loved this novella. For a short story it packed a lot of punch. I thought both Matthew and Peter were interesting and sexy characters. It was very easy to believe their attraction and the instant bond that they share together. There is a lot of pretty hot sex in this novella, too. Even though Matthew likes to be dominated by Peter, there really aren’t any hardcore BDSM scenes or anything like that. There is some very dirty talk, hair pulling, rough/dominant and exhibitionist sex between them, which I thought it was pretty hot and fit both characters perfectly.
Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was the happy ending. I was very glad to see them decide to be together forever. Their characters were obviously each other’s mates, it was just a natural transition to their relationship.  Since I was in the mood for a quick, sexy read with not a lot of angst or complicated plot, Love Bites fit the bill for me perfectly. My only gripe is that the story was short. I would have liked to read more about Matthew and Peter and how well they meshed their lives together. 
Jade Falconer has a pretty interesting website. It looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s still informative about Jade’s other books. Here is the link if you are interested:

Book Blurb for Love Bites

Contemporary M/M erotic romance
# of pages or word count: 33 pages
Heat rating: 2 Novas
Matthew goes to a Halloween party and meets Peter, who is dressed as a vampire. Matthew was lonely after losing his boyfriend, but what Peter wants to give him may be more than Matthew can handle. But Matthew can’t stay away; when he learns Peter’s secret will he run? Or want more?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.25