Shibari Auction House, #1

Jack by Sean Michael is a sexy, fast-paced novella that gave me a couple of hours of fun escapism from my everyday ho-hum life. It is the first book in the Shibari Auction series and it definitely starts the series off with a bang. As usual, Mr. Michael’s interesting and sexy characters practically breathe off of the written page and the sexual chemistry between the main characters was sizzling hot.

Jack is a desperate man. He’s lost a high stakes bet and doesn’t have the money to pay his loan shark. If he doesn’t come up with a solution soon, he’ll possibly have to pay the price with his life. When Jack hears about an auction that people can sell themselves over to an owner for a certain amount of years for a high price, Jack knows that this is the solution to his debt. As a last resort, Jack agrees to sell three years of his life almost as an indentured sexual servant to the highest bidder to pay off his debt. What Jack doesn’t expect is the charismatic, sexy man that buys his time with him, just might make Jack a winner after all.

I enjoyed every minute reading this book! Jack and JF are just getting started with their relationship. It’s obvious that there is already respect and a deep impression that they will have an amazing relationship with time. Even though I got the impression that this was a BDSM themed book, there isn’t any BDSM scenes in it, except for Jack calling JF ‘Sir’ and learning to do as he is told. The sex scenes in the book are still very sensual and explicit and there was a tenderness and an obvious affection between the two characters that I really appreciated.

The only complaint I have about this novella is its short length. At just under 49 pages, PDF, the book ended just when things started to get interesting. But since it is the first book in the Shibari series, I’m really anxious to read the next book and hopefully get to know more about these two interesting and sexy characters.

Book Blurb for Jack

When Jack's gambling debts catch up to him and he's about to lose both legs to his loan shark (if he's lucky), he decides to sell three years of service to the highest bidder, hoping someone is willing to pay him enough to clear his debts for good.

But is he jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50