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Hieros by Sunny Moraine was a beautifully told tale of mystic, fantasy and romance. The vivid and descriptive way the story is told grabbed my attention immediately and allowed me to easily visualize the lovely story of Jaith and Shoa and how they came to realize the love they had for one another.
Since the time they took their first step, Jaith and Shoa have always had a deep connection with each other. They’ve literally grown up together and have shared just about every moment in their lives together. They are in the middle of a very exciting time for each of them. Soon they will complete a coming of age ritual where both of them will hunt and make their own kill and then have the name of a man, and not be the youths that they are considered to be by the villagers.
They have also come to the age that either one of them could possibly be chosen for the annual festival. This is a very mysterious and sacred ritual that all villagers consider an honor to participate in. The two chosen individuals must participate and please the gods for the harvest to be bountiful for the next year. When Jaith and Shoa’s names are called to be the participants, neither man are prepared for the elaborate and sexual ceremony they must partake in to please the gods.
After an amazing night together, both Jaith and Shoa must face that this has changed their friendship forever. Will they allow themselves to see one another as the true soul mates they’ve always been?
This was a lovely book. I honestly don’t want to spoil much about the ceremony itself, but I will say that it was easy for me to be caught up in the essence of the ceremony and the change of dynamics between Jaith and Shoa’s relationships itself. I was happily surprised to see Shoa become the more dominant one in the ritual. The ceremony itself was not only erotic, but creative as well.
I loved how the relationship between Jaith and Shoa evolved from best friends to lovers and soul mates. It was a natural transition that I really felt myself rallying behind. I liked both of these characters and I was very glad to see them get the ending that they deserve.
After I finished Hieros, I was shocked that it was only a little over thirty pages long. It reads like a longer novel, and I enjoyed it immensely. This is the first book I’ve read by Sunny Moraine, but it won’t be the last. 
If you are interested in reading more about Sunny Moraine, I found very informative and interesting website that I really enjoyed.
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Book Blurb for Hieros

Fantasy/ Molten Silver/ Quick Silver
In a valley set between two mighty mountains lies a quiet village, full of peaceful people who hold the two mountains high as gods. When the gods' annual festival day arrives, brash young Jaith and his childhood friend Shoa are chosen for a mysterious ritual on which depends the success of the harvest and the very future of their village. To be chosen carries with it fame, honor, and induction into the deepest mysteries of the gods--mysteries that bring pleasure beyond anything Jaith or Shoa has ever known. But even the most pleasurable mysteries can shake, unsettle, and change. In the aftermath of the ritual, Jaith and Shoa's friendship may be damaged beyond the help of the gods--or each other.
Let the will of the gods be done … but let them be kind.
Contains: M/M, anal sex, bondage, D/s

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50