Traveler's Kiss

Horde Wars 6

I’ve been reading the Hoard War saga since the beginning and couldn’t believe, that this might be the last book. Grimm the traveller has been one of those characters who fascinates and intrigues the reader. I know I am not alone in wanting to see an end to his loneliness.

Raine has always known she was different but has no idea of the true extent of her abilities. Until she is awoken by Grimm like Sleeping Beauty only without the kiss, and into a waking nightmare about who she truly is and what the Daemon hoard want with her. Raine has to find courage beyond that which she already possesses to find the strength to claim her mate and fight those who would use her to destroy humanity and strike at the Shikar. As this is part of a series you will have had to read the previous novels to understand and fully appreciate the plot. This is a worthy successor to the series and as always Ms. King whets the readers appetite and always delivers. This book is full of some breathtaking action, very hot sex and characters you won’t want to say goodbye to.

Book Blurb for Traveler's Kiss

Horde Wars, Book Six

He walks between shadow and light, in the hesitations between thought and motion. Seen stars fade and moons break, witnessed supernovae and the birth of galaxies. He is Grimm The Traveler, no part of the universe barred to him—save one. The woman he desires…always just beyond reach.

Raine was a prisoner of the Daemon Horde. Now free of their clutches, her mind is shattered, her powers exponentially grown but unpredictable. Her greatest fear is harming the only person who matters to her—Grimm. She’ll do anything to protect him. Even make a deal with the devil.

Lord Daemon isn’t to be trusted but he’s the only one capable of understanding Raine’s unique abilities. To save her love and restore a universe in chaos, Raine must forge an alliance that will either end the Horde War forever or empower Lord Daemon with might immeasurable.

Win it all. Or lose everything. Raine’s always known there’s no turning back from The Traveler’s kiss.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00