The Wolf Who Loved Her

I didn't think that the synopsis truly matched the novel, yes the hero was unfriendly and rude to the heroine, Joni, at their first meeting, but he quickly sheds his anti-human attitude, (the reasons behind this are never explained) and quickly becomes part of her life.

I did think that her easy acceptence of his werewolf nature and their relationship was a bit rushed, but this is a nice shifter romance that only needed some more character development, and back plotting regarding pack dynamics to make this a really good novel.

Joni is not really a frump, I got the impression that she is just not Ian's ideal type in the beginning. Her being human, meant that he didn't really see her as a person.

This is an enjoyable novella, but I wanted to know more about Ian, and the rest of his pack.

At least this isn't a shifter romance where the werewolf suddenly pounces, while roaring 'Mine!'.

Book Blurb for The Wolf Who Loved Her

Frumpy bookstore owner, Joni Watson, can't seem to catch a break. Business is bad. Her love life sucks. And a customer is seriously stressing her out with his bad attitude. Fortunately, he's gorgeous and sexy and willing to protect her from rogue werewolves bent on murdering her.

To werewolf Ian McNeal, Joni is a mystery he can't solve. She's talkative, clumsy, and human, not his usual style, but her scent is intoxicating. Why not seduce the mocha beauty? No doubt she'd satisfy his lustful more ways than one. 47 pages / Heat rating: 3 Novas

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.00