The Winged Serpent

The Order of the Oath

Who doesn’t love well written intrigue? Having it combined with a historical setting is just cherry on the cake. Aurora is an agent sent in to do a job, her loyalty is without question, but emotionally it is hard for her to withhold her true self from the man she falls in love with. Cyrus is no fool; he suspects that Aurora’s arrival into the household of Claudius just when he has been promoted to body slave is no mere coincidence.

This is an enjoyable and entertaining novel. I loved the premise of Aurora being a female gladiator but it wasn’t explained sufficiently for me, why as a former slave, she could ever have any loyalty to the corrupt Romanregiment.

When Aurora is with Cyrus, she doesn’t have to be a strong woman, just a woman. Her main regret is that she cannot be totally honest with him. I always love female characters who can kick ass and take names. This novel is a definite keeper, for those who love action and adventure with their romance.

Book Blurb for The Winged Serpent

Aurora rose to fame and gained her freedom as a gladiatrix in the arena and is now a prominent member of The Order of Hesperia—a secret alliance of female spies and assassins. When she is given a very dangerous mission she believes it will be as easy as all her other assignments, but she is wrong.

Cyrus is one of the most legendary gladiators within The Empire, yet he remains a slave. When rumors spread of a plot to assassinate his master, Claudius Norbanus, Cyrus is enlisted by him as both his master’s spy and personal guard. If he succeeds in catching the assassin, Cyrus will gain his freedom.

When Aurora joins Claudius’ household as a gladiatorial slave, Cyrus is less than thrilled. The last thing he needs is a woman who matches his skills and stirs his passions. When Aurora enters Claudius’ household, the last thing she expects is to be drawn to Cyrus, a man who barely treats her with polite disdain. With every measure of her will, she denies the passion growing between them, masking it with animosity; because the last thing she needs is to desire a man such as Cyrus, who is honorable and loyal to his master.

Long days and nights spent in a ludus battling their attraction come to wear upon them until their resentment gives way to something more. Yet their affair is destined to meet a bitter end, for unbeknownst to them they are also enemies with cross purposes...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00