The Antithesis Spell

Some authors can pack so much into their writing that even with a novella the reader doesn’t feel that they haven’t had to make do with a snack when they were hoping for a meal.

Not in this case, though the story good, there isn’t enough character development, to make this enjoyable story really sing. I also thought that the subplot was rushed, and should have given the reader the opportunity to get inside the characters as they dealt with the threat to Stazia’s life.

I did however, enjoy the fact that Stazia is independent and unconventional.

Book Blurb for The Antithesis Spell

Stazia, an unorthodox witch, is appointed Dean of Charms at a magical school, and clashes with the very traditional Dean of Ritual about her methods.

Despite their opposing ideologies, it is Mortimer the Black who becomes her surprising ally and defender when a plot to murder Stazia comes to light.

Together, the two try to ferret out the villain and save Stazia's life...and their blooming passion in the process.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 3.00