Stranded Temptation

Max is the boss from hell a workaholic who expects the same from his staff and keeps a very frosty professional persona which puts up barriers between himself and his colleagues. Kara is one of the few members of staff who can put up with him and stand up to him, but when the two are stranded on a deserted island, all the rules are thrown out.

I really wanted to see Kara give Max a telling off for his behavior at work, but instead the writer wasted no time and throws us into the romance. For authors who write novellas, there is a delicate balance to packing a whole lot of story into a short novel. Some writers can do this seemingly without effort and for some, parts of the narrative don’t ring true because the author is unable to provide the reader with adequate build-up to the emotions or situations in the story, so elements appear rushed.

This definitely happed in this case and we also get a mystery which though it fitted in with the plot seemed superfluous to it. For me the mystery proved to be more interesting than the romance.

Book Blurb for Stranded Temptation

Stranded together, their passions will run wild.

Kara has a deep dislike for her boss, Max. She also wants him so badly it’s making her nuts. He’s a workaholic, a robot man. And he’s never shown the least bit of interest in her or anything else that wasn’t recorded in the corporate minutes. But when their plane crashes on the way to a meeting, leaving them stranded on a deserted island…just the two of them, all alone with all that ocean around them…Kara decides it’s time to start living. And by living, she means using Max for all the hot sex she’s been denied.

Max wants Kara—has wanted her for a long time. Unable to come out and cross the line between professional and personal, he makes her accompany him on business trips just to have her around. When they crash land and Kara shows him how much she wants him, he decides to quit being so professional and take the woman of his dreams. After all, what happens in the middle of nowhere, stays in the middle of nowhere. Until they’re rescued.

Back in the real world, things aren’t as easy. Kara is afraid to start a relationship with a man who completely ignored her until she took off her clothes, and Max is afraid she’ll never be able to trust him. But when someone makes it clear that Kara’s in danger, Max has more to protect than Kara’s feelings. And now that he has her, he’s not about to let her go.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.00