Hard Drive

This is a fun interracial novella about two very different people. Carlos is a bit of a geek, he knows everything about computers or electronics, but hot women? He's had far less experience with them. So when the lovely, woman who appears to be as successful as she is beautiful, leaves him in no doubt that she finds him attractive; Carlos has to swallow his doubts and see where this leads.

I really enjoyed this novel, there is a great spark between the characters and it will certainly entertain and make you smile. I do hope that one day Ms. Kirk will move on to writing a full length novel.

Book Blurb for Hard Drive

When Dana seeks out Carlos's computer expertise, he never expected the daring beauty would rev up his libido.

Content with his computer business, Carlos is happy with his choices in life...until a confident Nubian beauty walks into his store. Too bashful and insecure to unleash the romantic man inside, he is instantly attracted to Dana as she unknowingly changes his preconceived notions about gorgeous women who need every male at their beck and call.

But the truth comes out: Dana may have another agenda, and Carlos is ready to hide behind his glasses and computers. But will he combat his trust before this beauty walks out on him...for good?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.00