I leapt at this novel because of the chance to read a book about an older woman and that is so rarely explored in the romance world. Unfortunately, Minuet the heroine is swiftly and deftly deposited into the body of a playboy bunny. Which I found greatly disappointing. I loved the idea of a character who wasn't just another twenty something finding love.

With her new body, Minuet becomes a dimwitted blonde, Chason and his friend are clearly only able to think with their 'little heads'. Characterization and tightening up of the loose threads of this story would have made it more readable.

Book Blurb for Enslaved

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time seemed to be an occupation of Minuet’s. Crippled in a car accident at nineteen; walking in on her husband and his lover at thirty; coming across a bank robbery at forty; and just recently losing her job at forty-eight, because her boss was having a bad day. Minuet thought life couldn’t possibly get any worse. She was mistaken. Who would have thought finding a gorgeous hunk of a man on the forest floor in need of her aid would be a bad thing?

Holding the man’s head in her lap and promising to find him aid, Minuet finds herself looking down the business end of a futuristic weapon. Before she can explain she means the man no harm she is shot and killed by his comrade.

When Minuet opens her eyes she finds herself on a strange ship, in a strange body, married to a strange man. Her ‘husband’ Chason hates her, his best friend Rance is in love with her, and the only way she can prove she is not a Zain spy, out to enslave the planet Zanuth with her dancing, is to finally be at the right place at the right time!

(This book has been revised from a previously published edition)

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00