Angel Mine

I usually steer clear of stories about Angels and Demons, although I always enjoy a good v evil faceoff- so long as good wins. Iris is an empath, one so powerful that she endures constant pain and bombardment by the emotions and thoughts of those around her. A virtual recluse, she has found a retreat from her pain by moving to Barbados. Being able to maintain her first friendship with a Bajan woman whose thoughts are so pure that Iris can enjoy her friendship and company without distress. She thinks she's finally found an oasis of calm. But two years later, it is revealed that there is an epic battle about to be fought and she is a major player on the side of good. She's enough of a threat to the forces of darkness for them to be actively searching for her. Iris has to accept the debilitating pain of all the thoughts around her and prepare herself to face her opponent; literally a real bitch from hell. By her side will stand the man she loved and fled from two years before and the few good souls not corrupted by the demoness spreading hatred, death, and all manner of violence and perversions not just throughout the city but infecting people worldwide. The demoness, Aceneth, is a woman who has escaped hell and eternal torment and holds everyone else but herself responsible for the actions which led to her being confined to hell. She seeks to please Satan by corrupting as many souls and causing as much death and suffering as inhumanly possible. As her corruption spreads, the good guys prepare for battle, determined to protect Iris. Iris has to rely on her faith, and her belief that she is equipped for the task at hand. This was an engrossing tale with good characterization.

Book Blurb for Angel Mine

Book Length: Novel
Heat Level: Hot
Word Count: 60,700

Happiness, fear, lust, greed, anger, love... Those emotions surround us every day. Do you think you could handle feeling all those emotions from everyone by just stepping outside? Iris has lived her life in hiding because of this, and being part of the world was more than she could bear. The only person who could ever get close was Adam, and she ran away from him too. She turned her back on the only man who ever loved her, and now she needs his help to save the world. The gift she thought was a curse turned out to be more than she have could possibly imagined. With secrets revealed Iris’s world has become surreal.

Adam has never stopped loving Iris. Even the time they spent apart never dulled his passion for the woman he rescued long ago. When he saw her standing on his doorstep shaking from pain and cold, it was as if nothing ever changed. She asked him to believe, to understand, and now together they are in a battle for their lives. Will the love that never ceased to simmer carry them through the coming storm, or will it be left to blow away in the dry desert sand?

(Warning: This title contains sexual, violent, and/or gory scenes that may be offensive to some readers.)

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.75