Fit To Be Tied

Fit To Be Tied is a short, sexy romp with bandits and cowboys tumbling against the rich, natural atmosphere of the natural outdoors. Rancher Richard Rayburn and widowed Julia Blackmon engage in an elegant dance of passion and desire. They share some very sweet and memorable moments, making it very easy to empathize (and fall in lust) with Richard and be envious of Julia. She is a woman of admirable qualities (a proud product of her time) and complements well with Richard's edges. Though at times the dialogue is cringe-worthy and wooden, not much can be taken away from the solidity of their relationship. Jackson's writing is smooth enough so that nothing falls under the umbrella of urgency; the sexual chemistry maintains a sinuous and rough rhythm.

There is always a wonderful balance between the characters: Richard is aggressive when the situation dictates, but is secure enough to stand-off when the circumstances command; Julia is stubborn and strong, not afraid of chasing her desires and dreams with a vengeance. They leave the reader with clear impressions of a decent story, breathing life into the words and colors to the images. The pages of Fit To Be Tied burn with a natural vitality, acting as a sultry entrance into the sensuous world that Jackson is capable of creating.

Book Blurb for Fit To Be Tied

Stipulations of his grandfather's will demand Richard Rayburn marry by his twenty-fifth birthday or he'll lose a valuable piece of land. On the eve of his birthday, his fiancée breaks his engagement and Richard finds himself in a bit of tight situation. Where will he find a bride in less than one day?

Desperate enough to steal to put food on her table, the widow Julia Blackmon assumes the disguise of the Black Bandit to strike fear in the hearts of her potential victims. But her first and only victim turns the tables and captures her! After a night held hostage, tied to his bed, Julia discovers the wanton within herself and talents no cowboy should be without in her captor Richard.

When the morning of Richard's twenty-fifth birthday arrives, he's made his decision to marry the bandit. Richard offers her an ultimatum. Marry him or go to jail. What is a desperate widow to do?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.00