Aquamarine Prince

Paranormal Erotic Romance - Novella

Wylde is a queen of seduction; she lures and entices with her words, inviting the reader into her darkly sensuous world. Her characters are addictive; they introduce new levels of eroticism and adventure to the imaginations of those who dare embrace the magical. Margaret "Maggie" Maureen McSweeney is sweet and normal (making it easy to sympathize with her situation), but she also possesses a wonderful sense of courage. Lucedriel is absolutely mesmerizing as the unearthly fey prince; he is dominant, smooth and fluid in his powers, and comfortable in his artless grace. His treatment of Maggie is oddly endearing and enviable; their sexual chemistry is explosive, adding to the enchantment of their developing relationship.

The only contention that mars the perfection of Aquamarine Prince is its short length. Like a drug, the story will immerse itself into the reader's mind until she is forced to consume the pages and is left wanting more. The writing is superb, and the plot usual; the characters complement each other magnificently (he is lofty, and she earthy). Aquamarine Prince is wild and wicked, shrouded in a mystical atmosphere of mysterious creatures-absolutely captivating in its radiance of originality.

Book Blurb for Aquamarine Prince

Maggie just wanted to have a good time dancing at a hot new club. Getting invited into the VIP lounge by a gorgeous guy was the icing on the cake. She never expected him to be a real, live faerie prince. And having sex with him? In public? Not a chance.

Of course, that was before bees covered her office building and magic doorways started appearing in her bedroom. Before she knows what's happening, she's facing a magical duel to the death and learning all about sex magic from a master. Her Aquamarine Prince.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00