Straddling the Fence

Clay Hearts, #2

Straddling the Fence was a joy to read. The author did a really great job with the storyline and even though there were some very hot sex scene, it didn’t take away from the book. Bellamy Eli work well together. They have no problem talking things out and I loved how relaxed they were. When it came to sex they listened to each other and had no problem acting out each other’s fantasies. Not only that but they listened to each other out of the bedroom as well, they were like sounding boards. If one needed something the other was there for support.

Bellamy was disappointed when she didn't get the job she wanted and planned on numbing the pain with tequila. That plan was thwarted by Eli and she spent a wonderful night with him only to wake up to an empty bed. A month later she runs into him in a small country town when one of his calves get stuck in its mother’s womb and he calls for help. Eli’s family is interesting and it was great to see her reaction to them considering her relationship with her own family-especially her parents- is so different. Her love of animals is great too and the fox was awesome.

Book Blurb for Straddling the Fence

Turned down for her dream job, large-animal vet Bellamy Haile is determined to drown her sorrows at the bottom of a tequila bottle—and underneath the ripped bod of the gorgeous stranger she just met in the liquor store. She’ll have time enough to nurse mild regret later, when she takes over her uncle’s small practice in Serenity, Georgia.

Settled into an old house bequeathed by her grandmother, Bellamy doesn’t expect one of her first vet calls to bring her face-to-face with her one-night stand. Eli Carter happens to live nearby…and he’s more than willing to pick up where they left off.

As Eli and his family welcome her into their hearts and homes, Bellamy experiences a sort of love and acceptance she’s never known. But even hot nights in Eli’s bed may not be enough to make her choose small-town Serenity when a second chance at her dream job comes calling.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00