Picking Candy

The Kataru, #1

I have always loved shifter stories and Bradshaw makes it better by not only being an alpha but a marine as well. Taking charge of a pack is a big deal especially when you haven’t been around them for ten years. Candy was a very interesting person. I never understood what would bring someone to pick through trash let alone go willingly into a dumpster, but she makes it interesting with her projects like glass eyes in zombies to make them look creepier.

These two are perfect for each other and so vulgar. Candy is very expressive and has no problem telling it like it is. She cracked me up and her reactions were so real it was amusing. Picking Candy started out a little slow, but it picked up when Bradshaw and Candy came face to face and boy did they have a face off. The words and phrases she threw at him had me laughing so hard my mother asked me what was up. Bradshaw and Candy had no problem saying what they thought and I loved how protective Brad’s wolf was of Candy.

Book Blurb for Picking Candy

Candy Morales is a cosplayer by trade and a picker at heart. She has no problem digging through trash if it means finding a treasure. When a friend leaves her a box full of antique glass eyes in a garbage bin, she decides to dive right in.

Emmett Bradshaw is an alpha wolf shifter ex-Marine with a weakness for curvy females. After ten years of self-imposed exile, he’s come home to take over his pack. One thing he never expected was to find the woman of his dreams rummaging through garbage. Emmett did what any warm-blooded wolf would—slap her tempting, round backside.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00