Wishful Thinking

The Swann Sisters Chronicles Book 1

I really enjoyed this book and my reason is strange; the author's physical description of the girls' fairy godmother could have been describing my grandmother. This visual really put a spin on the book for me, needless to say.

Based on the girls' history with their fairy godmother I suppose I should be glad the similarity ends there.

While I got frustrated with Phil and her distinct case of tunnel vision with her fiance, I did enjoy her uncovering her true self with the suppression of the "curse" placed on her at birth. Reading about her letting everyone have it, and then the reversal had it's own charm. And through it all her best friend is at her side.

Josh has been playing the long game and unbeknownst to Phil he's about had it. But things start to change and he's able to act on his feelings and imagine a future with Phil. As perceptions change at breakneck speeds, will it be enough to nudge Phil away from her fiance and into his arms?

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Phil and her sisters along with their grandmother. And the descriptions of the work environment and all the personalities there really struck a chord. This was a highly entertaining read, set up the next book nicely and provided a lot of laughs along the way.

Book Blurb for Wishful Thinking

A malicious fairy godmother plus a wish to speak her mind equals big trouble for Phil. Can she get her wish reversed before she ruins her life?

You’ll have to read Wishful Thinking, the first book in The Swann Sisters Chronicles to find out..

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 4.50