Brides of the Kindred 21

This book has been hinted at for quite a while and I'm so glad to finally read it. With the author's usual flair, I'm drawn into the fantasy of Kindred warriors who revere their women and defend them from all danger.

The danger hasn't changed from the last book, and in fact this book takes us into a "possible" future that should be avoided at all costs. As Shadow tries to repeatedly save Harper, or as his child self referred to as "the pretty lady," we see what the Hive leaves in its wake after it invades a world.

A dark story at times, with horrific events described so the reader should be aware if they are sensitive. I inhaled the book, constantly rooting for Shadow and Harper, laughing at some antics, and cringing at others. The author builds a complex world where the journey the couple takes is what drives the story forward, and their finding one another is the just reward.

I especially enjoyed the interaction with the Goddess in this book, and greatly anticipate more stories about the Kindred.

Book Blurb for Vanished

Harper Wilde is sitting on the beach, minding her own business when a huge, muscular Kindred warrior with black hair and blazing white eyes demands that she accompany him into the future. Harper has no choice--she is dragged against her will into a dystopian nightmare--the world as it might become if something isn't changed.

And that something that needs changing is Harper herself.

As a ten'sora, she is of special interest to the Hive, an insectile race of beings bent on taking over the Earth. By using her, they can conquer both the Mother Ship and the human race. Unless Harper is altered so the Hive cannot make use of her, the grim future she finds herself in will become reality.

Shad is a Shadow Twin--a Kindred male destined always to walk alone with very little chance of forming a bond with a female. Yet, he alone is able to make use of the looper--a time travel device which allows him to move back and forth between the past and the future to try and save Harper. Falling in love with her isn't part of the plan but the big Kindred can't help himself. But he knows he must put his feelings aside and do what is necessary to change the past…unless he wants the future to Vanish forever.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.50