In the past when I’ve read an anthology, one story stands out as better than the others. Not in this anthology. All were fabulous to the extreme. 
The Ties that Bind by Jaci Burton focused on two soul mates who found one another when young, but the challenges and stress of an unexpected teenage pregnancy broke apart their hasty marriage. But it didn’t separate them. Platonic and friendly while they raised their daughter together, but apart, their daughter is now a graduating senior and their lives are now their own. The love, though never acknowledge by either, never faded. Can that magic be found and rekindled?
Jasmine Haynes contribution Undone was a sexy walk on the wild side. Her confidence in her self destroyed by her former boyfriend, Marla is struggling with once again believing in herself. Her former boyfriends reference to her lack of adventure being the deathblow to their relationship, she makes a leap a year after their breakup and sets up an erotic photo shoot. For herself, she finds her sexuality, confidence, and an adorable mountain of a younger man who makes her heart sing. But their relationship has too many strikes against it, doesn’t it?
Joey Hill’s Controlled Response blew me away. So much going on in the heroine Cass, forced by circumstances to raise her much younger siblings. And all that’s she’s given up and denied herself in the process. Lucas sees what she needs, knows that she’s the one, and will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to make her see what she needs. And that what she needs is him. Can he make her confront her real fears and desires and live a real life?
A cursed corset sets the stage in the last story by Denise Rossetti entitled Rubies and Black Velvet. A young couple completely in love are abused by fate and separated. When they finally reconnect their happiness is threatened by a cursed corset and a dark sorceress. The wearer of the corset will destroy her love and then herself. But John and Meggie have a love that six years and John’s supposed death couldn’t destroy. Could a simple foundation garment, possessed by a demon, stand a chance?
This was an epic read full of emotion, angst, love, discovery, and self-awareness. I’ve never read an anthology that had so many strong stories. If you do read this anthology, and you should, and have never read any stories by any of these authors, be prepared to want to run out and buy their backlists. These authors are all ruly gifted writers and have provided a truly inspired collection of sigh worthy stories. 

Book Blurb for Unlaced

Four authors of erotic romance present wild and irresistibly dangerous fantasies in this sensational anthology of lust and lingerie…

Unwind with Jasmine Haynes…A woman arrives at the perfect solution for exploring sensual freedom: open herself up to an amateur photographer with no limits—and an uncensored appreciation for the female body.

Come undone with Jaci Burton…Sixteen years is a long time to carry a torch for your ex. It’s high time they act on long-dormant desires and reignite the flame that still burns inside them both.

Let loose with Joey Hill…What does a hiker do when he comes upon a girl wearing only ivory panties, and stretched out invitingly on the warm leather seat of a Harley? Anything she tells him.

Submit to Denise Rossetti…As the laces of a stunning ruby-trimmed corset tighten, so too does the grip of an inescapable sorceress’s curse—one with the power to transform any woman into a dominating femme fatale.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 5.00