CyBRG Files Book 1

What a delicious read this was. Set in the future on another planet, it seems some things never change when it comes to human behavior. People still fall in love, and there are people who don't deserve to be part of the human race.

Claudia and Drew were having a slow courtship when Drew was mortally injured. What made the courtship slow was that Claudia couldn't believe a man like Drew could want a woman like her. She's older than Drew and that is a real issue for her to overcome. Drew just wants the woman, and her packaging isn't an issue although he does find her unbearably attractive. Alas, they never get to explore what could have been....

And that's where the story gets interesting. I found the moral issues to be thought provoking, as I am sure was the intention. Got me really thinking about what makes us human and how some people are inherently human while others just don't have the capacity or inclination.

The story dealt with a lot of emotional issues and some unexplored territory. The second courtship between Claudia and Drew was much more involved and physical. The story moved along with lots of action thrown in to keep me interested as well as horrified. Why anyone would want to be on this planet is utterly beyond me. While this book has a resolution for our couple, the back story lives on. I look forward to more about the cyborgs and their return to humanity.

Book Blurb for UNIT 77: BROKEN

A soldier changed into a metal monster

Still loves the doctor who made him what he is

Can Drew and Claudia overcome their past to be together?

Unit 77 is a cyborg...but he used to be so much more. Tortured by glimpses of his past, former Captain Andrew Fischer goes through his days in a metallic nightmare, feeling broken inside though he doesn't know why.

Doctor Claudia Chambers is distraught. After a land mine blew up Drew Fischer and his unit of elite Space Corps Marines, she was forced to implant the CyBRG device in all of them which turned the men into machines. But she keeps catching glimpses of humanity from the supposedly inhuman Captain...could it be that part of Drew is still in there, longing to get out? Claudia is almost afraid to hope--she loved Drew once and thought he might return the feelings. But how can a woman love a machine?

And can the machine ever love her back?

Half man...half metal...all heart. The CyBRG series by Evangeline Anderson and Mina Carter.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.50