Touch of Topaz

Awakening Dersires, Book Seven

Another contribution to the Awakening Desires Series. I thoroughly enjoyed the alpha male that was John Knight, and look forward to his twin’s story in the future. Topaz was a bit of a snob at first, or at least presented that way. What she really is is extremely cautious, and with her past that’s understandable. Once John makes a dent in her armor it becomes clear what she wants. Does she dare? Full of anticipation and erotically forceful sex this was a read that entertained.

John has chased adrenaline his whole life. Now part of a security firm he can pick and choose his assignments rather than go where the military sends him. And he chooses to be bodyguard to Topaz Jewel. He was her bodyguard last year and fell for the strong independent woman. Now he’s again back as her bodyguard and determined to stay in her life this time. And not as a hired hand. Can he convince her they can be a couple even though they are total opposites?

Topaz doesn’t believe a wild creature should be tamed and that’s how she thinks of John. And she couldn’t tolerate the uncertainty of being with a man who craves danger. Yes they ended up in bed together last year and yes, it was the best sex of her life. But a relationship that will last requires more than just steamy sex. So imagine her surprise when she finds herself the victim of a kidnapping at the hands of her bodyguard.

Book Blurb for Touch of Topaz

Security expert and ex-Army Ranger John Knight broke the cardinal rule of being a bodyguard—don’t get involved with the client. One torrid afternoon of hot sex with Topaz Jewel was all they had together before his job was done, and she’s been avoiding him ever since. He’s been hired to protect her once again, and this time, when the job is over, he’s won’t let her slip away.

Topaz is an independent businesswoman with no time in her life for a permanent relationship, especially not one with a man like John, who’s used to adrenaline rushes and danger. There’s no denying their sexual attraction, but she’s determined to play things smart.

John doesn’t take her home when the job is finished, but to an isolated cabin. It isn’t every day that a bodyguard kidnaps his client, but he knows they’re meant to be together—and he’ll use their sizzling passion to prove it. Book Length: Short Novel

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00