Their Virgin Mistress, Masters of Ménage, #7

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, but I think the well is running dry. Being book 7 kind of says it all and I've got to wonder where all the virgins are coming from in this throwaway and "let's hook-up" society. That said, this is the story of Piper's sister Tori and the fledgling relationship with her three bosses. Fledgling because Tori's a virgin and all three want her so none of them can have her. We have Oliver, who was shot down (literally) by his now deceased wife after learning of her vicious betrayal. We have Callum, the football star who has slept his way through groupies and managed to pick up a stalker (imagine the surprise!) and the third brother Rory, who's basically a good guy but likes supermodels. Tori is the person who fixes things that go awry and will affect the brother's corporate image.

Everyone has their issues and Tori's is her lack of self-confidence and feeling herself unable to compete with the types of women the men have chosen in the past. There is also the fact that she hasn't a clue any of them are interested, when they all are and are trying to undermine one another when it comes to her attention and regard.

My biggest disappointment is there was just nothing new because the author has done it all before. Emotional angst, betrayal, drama, fighting between the brothers, acceptance of the need to share, drinking, too stupid to live acts while drunk and the list goes on. All here and accounted for. I probably got the most out of peeks into Piper and Alea's lives with their men and the families they are creating. Will I read more if the author pens another? Of course I will, I've enjoyed every book. Not to be missed if you are a follower of the series, and you will be wondering who the heck everyone else is if you haven't.

Book Blurb for Their Virgin Mistress, Masters of Ménage, #7

One wild night leads to heartache…

Tori Glen loves her new job as an image consultant for Thurston-Hughes Inc. The trouble is, she’s also in love with the three brothers who own it, Oliver, Rory, and Callum. They’re handsome, successful, aristocratic, and way out of this small-town Texas girl’s league. So she remains a loyal professional—until the night she finds a heartbroken Oliver desperate for someone to love. Tori knows she should resist…but it’s so tempting to give in.

And a desperate plan…

Callum and Rory have denied their desire for Tori, hoping she’ll heal their older brother, who was so brutalized by his late wife’s betrayal. But when Oliver cruelly turns Tori away in the harsh light of day, she tenders her resignation. Rory and Callum realize that to save their brother, they must embrace the unconventional sort of family they’ve always wanted—with Tori at its center. And it all starts with seducing her…

That could lead to happily ever after—or murder.

Isolated with the brothers at an elegant English country manor, they begin awakening Tori to the most sensual of pleasure. But consumed with regret, Oliver won’t be denied the chance to embrace the only woman worth the risk of loving again. What begins as a rivalry veers toward the future they’ve only dared to dream of. But a stranger is watching and waiting for a chance at revenge. Can the brothers come together to embrace the woman they love and defeat a killer?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 3.50