Their Virgin Hostage

Masters of Ménage, Book 5

Kinley leads what appears to be a charmed life; money, family, and a job running her late mother’s charity. Why then is she insecure, lonely and about to marry a man she can’t even work up the desire to kiss on the cheek? As a giver in a world of takers, she’s sacrificing herself to save her father and the family charity. So she thinks. As her wedding date approaches she grows more and more unsure, and her best friend telling her it’s a colossal mistake isn’t helping. With the clock ticking the chance to back out is taken from her as she is kidnapped. By two very hot men. And they have an equally hot friend waiting. Her kidnapping suddenly morphs into the opportunity of a lifetime. Can she develop the confidence to take it?

This picks up where the last book left off. Law, the man who watched Kinley from afar, is my favorite of the trio. He’s in love and not afraid to show it. Dominic is the Dom and he had his lovable moments. The character least defined for me was Riley and he didn’t really factor in all that much, in my opinion. The author chose to make him stand off to the side due to an experience in his past, but since he wasn’t there in the initial “claiming” I had a hard time reconciling his presence. And it may be a foible of mine, but I like an epilogue. The ending seemed a little abrupt.

The plot was fast moving and intriguing without being too out there. Not my favorite of the series, but a good addition.

Book Blurb for Their Virgin Hostage

One Hostage Bride

Kinley Kohl agrees to marry wealthy Greg Jansen to save her family. Her wedding day should be the happiest of her life…except that she doesn’t love him. And she can’t help but wonder if she’s making a mistake. Even so, she refuses to let her loved ones down. Then moments before her nuptials, she’s kidnapped—and her whole life changes.

Three Determined Mercenaries

Dominic Anthony has waited years to avenge his sister’s murder. He knows Greg Jansen is dirty, but he needs a witness to help prove his case. Jansen’s new bride is the perfect hostage. Kinley Kohl will tell him everything…or else. But his two business partners aren’t so sure. Law and Riley Anders worry that Kinley isn’t as guilty as she seems. And Law suspects she might be the one woman who can handle them all.

From Target to Treasure

In the wilds of Alaska, the three men try to pry Kinley open, only to discover she’s both stronger and more innocent than they imagined. Her sweet beauty melts their suspicion and steals their hearts. Together, they awaken her passion and brand her as their own. When danger strikes, the men realize they must save Kinley or lose the love of their lives forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00