The Warlord's Promise

On her own after her husband's death Kate finds she likes it. An arranged marriage that left her childless she's determined her sister Alison won't suffer the same fate. She's outraged when Alison is taken by the warlord in the keep. She offers herself in place of her sister. She'll do anything to save her. Anything.

Ethan is ready to settle down and have a life. And a family. But he needs a wife for that. He has her all picked out but knows she'll never consent. So he uses the tools of strategy he learned at war to bring the woman he desires above all others to him. And then he will make her so happy she'll never want to leave.

Romantic in a rough kind of way, this was a delightful read. I loved that Ethan knew enough about Kate to predict her reactions and bring her to him willingly. She thinks she knows the kind of man he is but is soon shown by the house he keeps and the happiness of his servants that she was wrong. And that starts the eradication of the walls she's built around her heart. And an education about what physical love is really like. A very steamy read that is a bit stark at times due to the era it is written in. A true love story.

Book Blurb for The Warlord's Promise

Kate is a young widow, left alone, having no children of her own, and would do anything to see that her youngest sister, Alison, gets a chance at a happy life. When Alison is taken hostage by an evil warlord who intends to wed her, Kate offers to trade herself to the warlord in place of her sister.

Ethan MacGregor has spent his life fighting among the clans of the Scottish Highlands, trying desperately to bring peace to his territory. Finally ready to settle down and establish a household, he only needs a beautiful young highland lass to share his bed. When he takes the youngest sister of the woman he truly desires, Kate, she falls right into his hands by offering herself in exchange for her sister's freedom.

And though Ethan has promised to release Kate's sister in exchange for a night of passion, he has no intention of letting Kate go.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.00