Talson's Net

Book three in the Talson Temptations series.

Third in the Talson Series. Val has issues with Rowe Trainer, co-heir to Chartrell Shipping, his family's competitor and apparently enemy. With explosions and sabotage afoot the trail leads directly to Chartrell and Val takes advantage of a gap in Rowe's security and kidnaps her for a little good-natured questioning. How she turns the tables on him leaves him stunned. And turned-on and determined to complete what she started. His way. He soon finds himself ensnared in his own net, in full-blown Testing and lusting after not only Rowe but her bodyguard Quinn. Looks like another Talson is about to be taken off the market.

Rowe is on a mission to uncover who's been undermining Chartrell shipping. When she's made aware that Talson's is experiencing the same thing, and that they suspect her company, Rowe digs deeper and uncovers treachery involving her own family. Fighting off advances from her cousin she doesn't want, desire for Quinn she's never had before, and Val's enigmatic pull makes this previously sexually dormant woman about to go nuts. Could it be Selection has erupted in her half-human body? She doesn't have time for this!

With her usual aplomb, the author continues the ongoing tale of the Talson family. In this edition we get to enjoy Val's confusion, lust, desire and eventual surrender to what is meant to be. If his family wants to make fun of his intended's familial ties then bring it on. While the backstory unfolds further we get to enjoy sex and verbal repartee at it's best. Quinn is a surprise in the bedroom as his personality as a lover is totally different than what I expected. I liked that variance from the norm. While not my favorite so far, this is a great continuation of the Talson series.

Book Blurb for Talson's Net

Kidnapping Rowe Trainer, co-heir to Chartrell Shipping, might not have been the smartest thing Val Talson’s ever done, but he wants answers, fast. He couldn’t have expected the beautiful little bully to be half-human, nor could he have anticipated that she could turn the tables on him so easily. She’s powerful, and he’s learned to be wary.

His violent arousal in her presence makes little sense. Lust he appreciates, but the deeper draw to his rival baffles him. Soon he can’t think of anything but Rowe. When he finds her again, he gets more than he bargained for—attraction not only to Rowe, but to her bodyguard as well. Then add the shock of her Selection—a female Otra’s readiness to mate.

Val doesn’t intend to give in easily. He’ll handle rogue saboteurs, Rowe’s larger-than-life bodyguard, and the idea that he’s entered the Testing, the time in a male Otra’s life when he’s ready to bond to his destined mate. As for Rowe…Val’s more than willing to give her what she deserves. And then some.

Publisher Note: This story was previously published elsewhere and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.25