Seduced by Two

Book Seven in the Magical Seduction series.

Being called back from her life of freedom to obligation to her family and gifts, Nica is just looking for a night of escape.  She finds herself attracted to, and going home with, two brothers who draw her equally.  Tanner and Jensen give her the escape she’s looking for, and she doesn’t want to go.  But she has to.  But when a stranger confronts her outside their house and almost kills Jensen, she uses her powers to save him and thus exposes her secrets.  Forced to erase their memories, she disappears and is sure she will never see them again, even though she wants to with all her heart. 

Waking up and not remembering the night before, Jensen and Tanner try to piece together what happened to them.  They know there was a woman and that she means something to them both.  They go back to the bar they met her in, determined to find her.  But they find more than they bargained for when they do; a world of danger, magic, and other beings they’ve only read about.  Nica is in danger, but Tanner and Jensen have no magic to defend her or themselves.  How can they be together? 

Another trip into the magical world spun by the author, I really enjoyed that the men were the "helpless" ones in this particular installment.  Not helpless as in wimps; Jensen and Tanner were anything but.  But helpless in that they have no magic other than their bond as twins.  Their creativity and dedication to protecting Nica, in the best way they knew how, showed that love will find a way.  With cameos from a few characters from previous books to help save the day, this was an entertaining read.  Hot and erotic (how could two sexy men and a woman be anything else?) the story flowed well and kept my attention.   I look forward to the next installment in this series for a peak into the magical world of Ms. Julian’s imagination. 

Book Blurb for Seduced by Two

One woman. Two brothers.

It was supposed to be one night only—an escape into pleasure. A night for Nica to forget her obligations and her secrets. Through hours filled with sensually wicked exploration, an emotional connection develops with the two gorgeous brothers she had no way of anticipating. But a stranger with an ultimatum and a dangerous power forces her to reveal her own magic to save her new lovers.

Now Tanner and Jensen are drawn into a world they never knew existed by a woman whose abilities they can barely comprehend. But they won’t let the fact that they have no magic get in the way of protecting their woman. Even if it means sacrificing their lives.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00