Securing Sara

The Beast Masters #2

Sara is scared. But what is she more afraid of, the men who want her or herself? Sara’s defiance gets costly as Jaston and Malock vie for her affections as they help her “audition” for the Pleasure House. Their ruse is to force Sara to recognize they are meant to be. Of the two men I felt Jaston was the most damaged even though Malock had the physical scars. As things progressed, I had hope for them all and wasn’t disappointed. The ending, or beginning depending on how you look at it, was emotional and fulfilling. A good read.

A planet starved for women has taken to using any means necessary to procure them. Even buying them. While they are purchased they are given choices, but those choices are few. Mate with a virtual stranger to save him from turning feral or work in a Pleasure House. Decisions, decisions. As a shifter race the Ralen males have two priorities; mate and reproduce. When former friends Jaston and Malock both set sights on Sara, things get messy quick. Sara can’t understand her need to submit and her attraction to both Jaston and Malock. In defiance she chooses the Pleasure House. Big mistake.

Book Blurb for Securing Sara

Jaston and Malock were once as close as brothers. War and the scars it left behind changed that. It's not until a woman, charged with a crime, arrives on their planet in need of sanctuary, that they're able to set aside their differences. Problem is, she's not quite as willing to submit as they'd like her to be. In fact, she's as spirited as they come. The males of Ralen are naturally dominant and the need to reproduce is upon them. If they don't do it soon they risk The Heat overtaking them.

Sara isn't one to bend to anyone's whim, let alone two hunky alpha males who want to not only pleasure her but collar her for life as well. She doesn't want to admit she has feelings for both men and worse yet, she wants to submit to them. She wants them to dominate her right into an orgasmic frenzy. Too stubborn to admit as much to them, she finds herself agreeing to live a life of servitude in a House of Pleasure rather than simply stating the truth--she wants them both.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 3.50