Ranulf and Griffin have been a couple since they were young men. Lovers, best friends, business partners. They both like women, mind you, but they love one another and are committed. Why then, in their world of werewolves and vampires, haven’t they mated? What could possibly make things between them more right so the metaphysical manifestations present themselves, confirming their relationship?

Ranulf has been feeling restless and Griffin feels it too. As Ran heads back to the pack to reconnect with his twin he finds something he already thought he had and in the heat of the moment makes it permanent with Dante, a female vampire. After the initial euphoria wears off he’s stunned at what he’s done. What about Griff?

Dante doesn’t want a mate but doesn’t rebuff Ran. What’s not to love? But he comes with a little something extra, and when she meets Griffin a triumvirate is born. Can they all accept what was meant to be?

Poor Griffin! While this story focuses primarily on Dante and Ran in the beginning I sure felt for Griff. A lovely escape from the everyday, this read was quick but potent and left the reader feeling happy for all involved, as well as a teaser concerning Ran’s twin.

Book Blurb for Runaways

Werewolf Ranulf Verlaine and his longtime lover, vampire Griffin Rothschild, have sworn they will fight to stay together if either discovers another is their mate. When Ran meets beautiful vampire Dante Ducoin on a train from Prague to Paris, mating lust explodes between them and Ran forgets the pact. He forgets everything but sinking into and surrounding Dante, who is equally lost in Ran. Newly bonded, the pair run away to New York City.

Griffin chases after his lover, pulled by a metaphysical force. When he finds Ran and Dante, mating lust shifts their bond to a triumvirate. The three can’t keep their hands, or anything else, off one another. But lust isn’t everything. For the triumvirate to thrive, Dante must carve out a place between two men who have been lovers for years, Griffin must share the only man he’s ever loved with a woman, and Ranulf must balance his pack responsibilities with his love for his mates.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published and has been significantly revised and expanded for Ellora’s Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00