Tales of the Shareem, #2

If you like your men to come equipped with leather, handcuffs and a whip, and know how to use them, then Rio is the Shareem for you.  Rio is a level three, the baddest of the bad.  He can make you beg to be disciplined and like it.  A slave but not.  A man but more.  Rio wants what his fellow Shareem have recently found: love.  Not for being a Shareem, but for being Rio.  Can he ever be more to a woman than just a toy?

Nella is a princess on the run.  Kidnapped by a man who seeks to use chemicals to induce a bond to use her power, she escapes and is then targeted for assassination by her kidnapper when he fails to recapture her.  Rio rescues her and, fascinated and drawn to her, hides her until she can get in touch with her family.  He feels something for her he can’t explain.  She has issues with trust after her ordeal, and who better than an accomplished dom to give lessons in trust? 

While thrown together by accident, it seems as though fate knew what it was doing when Rio and Nella meet.  The bond her captor tried to force begins to form effortlessly with Rio.  With their confinement while Nella hides, their feelings quickly evolve into the physical and all that entails.  Rio, while he appears confident, has been hurt before and is just as much a novice as Nella when it comes to deep feelings. 

Book Blurb for Rio

Nella of Ariel is on the run, finding herself on Bor Narga, alone, penniless, friendless. She can trust no one—except the tall, amazing man who saves her from death by assassin bot and carries her off to his hideaway.

He's a Shareem, he says. Rio. Level three, which means dark and dangerous pleasures.

Nella has no clue what Shareem are, but Rio is enticing, sexual, rude, crude, and makes her laugh. He also burns fire through her blood as he teaches her to trust him, the only way a level-three Shareem knows how to . . .

Rio had been on his way to get himself off stifling Bor Narga, where he lives as a near-slave. But he's intrigued by his damsel in distress. And she needs his protection. Protecting her and teaching her is worth missing his transport, and maybe being stuck on this rock forever.

Not for readers under eighteen, or for the faint of heart. Adult situations and language, brief mfm, and other fun stuff, plus lots of humor and romance.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00