Return to Eden

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Return to Eden

Married 3 « years to the love of her life and the mother of twins, her life is perfect. Then why does she feel she's losing her husband in some way she can't describe let alone define?

Ever been in a relationship where you are together, but still apart? That's what is happening to Eli and Claire. On the outside, everything is fine. They still have a physical relationship, still talk, but don't communicate. Something vital is missing from their marriage, and Claire does something that totally surprises Eli, in a desperate bid to save her dying marriage. Will it work?

I found the relationship problems very believable, and liked that it wasn't a quick fix. The author touched on the ongoing process of marriage; it's never "done," but always evolving. Also, the fact that the couple was truly in love, desperately in love, was never in doubt. They just lost one another, and this was their journey of discovery back to one another. My only complaint would be that some things from Eli's past were thrown into the storyline that had a big effect on his behavior that I felt could have used more development.

Book Blurb for Return to Eden

Claire would do anything to save the marriage she believes is faltering. Quite literally anything. Even if it means rekindling the outrageous sexual fantasies she's never been that thrilled will. But luckily for both her and Eli, this time the fantasies are better than before. This time, the fantasies and all they entail are quite literally dazzling.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00