Repeat Offender

Morality of Sin Book 2

Second in the Morality of Sin series. Dane got sloppy and subsequently got caught. When he’s allowed to walk without jail time due to a missing witness he’s got his lawyer Eleanor Woods to thank. While she’s attractive they’ve never hooked up. When he’s assigned to protect her due to threats, chemistry does its thing and they explode into a passionate affair. Will Eleanor get burned in the aftermath?

My one big complaint is the crooked lawyer. I didn’t like she was on the Carbone family payroll. Oops! My morality is showing! But that’s the point of the series, isn’t it? I’d say the author hit that one on the head. The story was entertaining with enough drama and sex to keep it moving along. I was surprised as to who the “bad guy” was, as was Dane. I really liked that Dane didn’t hesitate to take out the danger in a most permanent manner. I also enjoyed the little glimpse into Sam and Chase’s life together. Bad guys are hot!

Book Blurb for Repeat Offender

A dealer for the Carbone family and up to his eyeballs in trouble, Dane Cole is lucky to have Eleanor Woods, one of the toughest criminal attorneys in the GTA. She’s smart, loves to argue and is sexy as hell, but when he’s sent to watch her back he doesn’t expect the sudden attraction to be mutual.

Elli’s life is simple. Work hard, no play, no men, and keep a spotless house. When Mr. Cole shows up to babysit her, she’s more than a little pissed, even though his playful attitude and smoldering eyes make her wonder what she’s missing.

When Dane makes a move on her, so does the man making threats. Her careful life is about to become hectic. She must trust that someone from the wrong side of the tracks will keep her alive…but can she trust him with her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50