Ravish Me

Jane and Matthew have the perfect relationship; all romance and soft touches. Too bad Jane needs things to be a little more hands-on -- and she’d rather not be asked either. That’s right; Jane has a major kink going and without it she can’t reach fulfillment during the sex act. So what does she do? Fake it. No one’s ever complained before and she really loves Matt. They would be perfect if not for that one missing piece. But dare she expose that part of herself to him?

Matt can tell something is missing in bed with Jane. She’s too perfect and too satisfied. It’s like clockwork; suspiciously so. Dare he rock the boat and ask her what is missing? Can he deal with the answer he gets?

I wonder how many relationships have ended for just this reason? Lack of communication can be just as devastating as revealing oneself, and wouldn’t you be better off happy or miserable and just plain KNOWING? After Jane and Matt cross that threshold they encounter more than they anticipated. Matt uncovers a deep dark secret about himself that needs to be brought to the surface, and as a result all kinds of issues arise. This was more than a book about an unorthodox sexual need and a partner’s willingness to fulfill it. It was also about trust, getting the help needed years after a buried trauma and what good communication can do to strengthen a couple’s commitment. A good read.

Book Blurb for Ravish Me

Jane’s boyfriend Matthew is perfect in all ways but one—in the bedroom. Sure, their sex life is sweet and romantic, but therein lies the problem. Jane harbors secret desires that she’s afraid will turn off her vanilla lover. But finally she confides in him, introducing him to the world of non-con role play.

Matthew has always believed that no means no, but in ravishment fantasy no means yes, yes, yes. He’s reticent to open the door to the darker side of his sexuality, but with Jane’s patient guidance he finds he enjoys the role of aggressor. Perhaps more than he’s comfortable with. The role play stirs up a host of memories he’d rather forget, leaving him to wonder which is his true self—the sweet, romantic lover or the ravisher.

Reader Advisory: Descriptions of nonconsensual sex could be potentially triggering for some readers. Book Length: Novella

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00