Punishment and Mercy

For daring to like sexual intercourse Widow Mercy Walcott is deemed too wanton in 1694. While society is publicly stilted sexually, privately they are not. They are all just too afraid to show it. When Mercy is publicly punished she enjoys her punishment, as does the young acolyte Adam Putnam. Convinced he has fallen in love, Adam wants to marry her. But he is crushed when she is wed to the town blacksmith Seth Burroughs.

Seth is a dominant and sees a submissive in Mercy. He demands her hand in marriage and wastes no time in taking her in hand and giving her what she unknowingly craves. Their marriage is one of convenience, but feelings of love grow. When he feels she is ready, and is certain of her receptiveness, he pursues Adam as his apprentice. He saw the way they both reacted on the day of Mercy’s punishment and is determined to make him part of their life. But Adam has other ideas.

Adam was raised to respect his father and religion. While he desires Mercy and is shocked at his reaction to Seth’s proposition and erotic attentions, he tries to stay true to his values. What will the cost be to him, Seth and Mercy?

This wasn’t so much a ménage as a love triangle. While there were a few encounters where all three were present, I didn’t feel they were a true consensual ménage. Very descriptively written and focusing a lot on Adam’s self-recriminations it was sad as well as erotic. While Adam tried to maintain his virtue he hurt himself as much as, if not more than, Mercy and Seth. A daring look into what might have been really going on in our histories puritanical past, this was an atypical romance.

Book Blurb for Punishment and Mercy

Length: Novel

Widowed Mercy Walcott is too wanton for the repressive Massachusetts Bay Colony of 1694, so when she gets flogged in the village square for sexual congress outside matrimony, her father forces her to marry the blacksmith, Seth Burroughs. Strong, virile, dominant and insatiable, Seth tames her. Up to a point.

The young acolyte, Adam Putnam, falls hard for the delectable beauty he’s forced to subdue while the reverend doles out her punishment. Watching her bare ass getting redder and her delectable thighs wetter, he experiences his first orgasm under his churchly robes—in full view of the citizenry.

Mercy remembers the feel of him as she squirmed away from the whip and against his sinewy body. She inveigles Seth to indenture him as an apprentice. Soon Adam is torn between his carnal desire for the woman he’s coming to love and his innate scruples. How can he withstand temptation when Seth encourages his wife to make love to Adam? And how can Adam look his friend in the eye after he does?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.00