Prisoner Of Desire

Mandy is one of the boys and feels she always will be. She just doesn’t know how to be feminine like her friends. Being a police officer seems to overshadow her girly side, and she doesn’t know how to break free. She’s never really thought about it, until one night at the fair.

Stephen is an upstanding citizen in Claremont County. Whether he wants to be or not. His façade is so sterile it gleams. Being an official at the local bank precludes any scandal or impropriety. When he decides to cut loose one night, under the cover of fireworks at the fair, the woman he is supposed to meet isn’t the one he ended up with. That is a problem, because now he can’t be with anyone until he finds out who the woman was who turned his life upside down. All he has to go on is her unforgettable fragrance. And he encounters it in the most unexpected of people.

The beginning of this read was hot and heavy and showed a lot of promise. And then the stereotypes butted in. Mandy gets a girly makeover and is suddenly irresistible to all men. The relationship must be kept quiet so as not to cause a stir. So the middle was a little disappointing. The end had redeeming qualities as well as a few other cliché’s, but all in all it was a good read that provided some steamy sex as well as a peek into a man’s psyche as he struggles with what is expected of him as opposed to what he wants and needs to be happy.

Book Blurb for Prisoner Of Desire

Tall, lanky Mandy Franklin has been awkward all of her life. As a cop in Claremont County, she's been content being just one of the guys, until the night of the Fourth of July fair.

Mandy finds herself in a case of mistaken identity and a sizzling encounter with gorgeous, golden eyed Stephen Ewing in the dark moonwalk exhibit. His commanding, forceful presence stirs something deep inside of her. Now, she wants nothing more than for Steve to see her as a beautiful, fluid, sexy woman.

As the bank manager in town, Steve always has to be respectable, never allowing his dark nature to surface. On a whim, he decides to take a woman up on her offer of a little reckless fun. It isn't until later that he discovers he was getting hot and heavy with the wrong woman.

Suddenly, Mandy, a woman he's never thought of beyond her skills on the community sports league, starts to heat his blood to a higher level every time he sees her. Now with a desire for a ginger-scented woman he just can't shake loose, the wrong woman seems like the right woman after all. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.25