Prisoner of Deception

Layna Castle is a by-product of her mother’s greed. Being born was a bargain made by her biological grandfather, which she doesn’t find out until much later. In fact, she doesn’t know who her father is. On her own since the age of nine, she needs no one and does just fine doing any job that brings her cash as a bodyguard. Then Tynan Staveros walks into her life.

Tynan is head of security for the Wolfe family and takes his job seriously. His life is intertwined with the Wolfe’s as the Patriarch Callan Wolfe is also a friend. But what Callan is asking Tynan to do is wrong, and when he meets Layna he has a moral struggle on his hands. Will he follow his heart?

Little does Layna know her father has watched her from afar her whole life. And I mean afar. When her life is in mortal danger her father is finally able to convince his father to let him go to her, and so begins the revelations and reckonings.

While not indicated as part of a series, this book has characters from many at least six previous works. In fact, I caught myself going back into my library since a name or circumstance rang a distant bell in my memory and me being me I had to refresh my recollection to continue reading. I don’t feel it’s necessary to enjoy the book, but it gives the reader more background.

We were well into the book before Tynan became three dimensional for me. After he reconciled his inner conflict his emotions came into play and he wore his heart on his sleeve. Making him drool worthy. Prior to that he seemed kind of skulky and like he was up to something. Just a little bit reserved. Layna, on the other hand, was all up front from the get go. A real what you see is what you get. And that made her awesome as a heroine. Her disdain for her charge Tallie wasn’t blatant but still there; didn’t stop her from doing her job though. By combining previous book storylines, characters, and worlds this made for an interesting and somewhat complicated read. Again, prior books aren’t required, but as this author writes an awesome story I would recommend you read her backlist in chronological order. A must read for an avid fan of a good story with a lot of sex thrown in.

Book Blurb for Prisoner of Deception

Layna Castle came from a home that was cold and unfeeling. Her mother was a vampire, her father was a dead-beat dad that she'd never met. She was sure he was magical but knew nothing else. She was living on the edge, taking any kind of job that would pay her rent.

Tynan Staveros worked for the Wolfe family. He was a devoted and loyal employee until he met Layna. She plagued his thoughts and his libido until thoughts of his job and the girl he protected became second only to her.

Then Layna's father showed up. He wasn't the dead-beat dad she thought he was but a visitor from another planet. Would she go with him and ignored her blossoming love for Tynan? Would he go to her and bring her back to his arms and tell her of his own feelings? Would she forgive him for making her a Prisoner of Deception?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00