Prime Passions

Being a woman of a certain age myself, I was excited to have an opportunity to read this book.  And I’m glad I did.  All three stories were wonderful.  While cougar stories abound right now, these three were about more than just hot and sweaty sex with a sexy hard body (although that is included!).


Each woman was facing a crisis of a sort in her life, and her self-confidence or self-esteem was low.  It was heartwarming to read about how the attentions of a man can help to repair what others have torn down.  Not that these women wouldn’t have recovered themselves without a man, they were all of strong character, but the romance that developed in each story was truly wonderful.  If you are looking for happily ever afters, these don’t have that.  They have the possibility, and it’s up to the reader to envision the life they want each woman to have.  I liked that. 

Book Blurb for Prime Passions

When love reaches its prime, there’s no resisting the passion.
Sexual heat can’t be denied in this trio of tales about older women and the younger men who fall for them. In “Moving On” by Bonnie Dee a widow is seduced by a hot young moving guy and opens herself to the possibilities of life once more. When a repressed divorcee places an online sex ad in Veronica Wilde’s “No Strings Attached,” the young man who answers it unlocks her heart as well as her fantasies. In Vivien Dean’s “A Spark of Snow,” a burned out cop rediscovers more than her love for life when a gorgeous young teacher shows her passion doesn’t care about age.
Three women with experience to spare, three hot men with passionate hearts, three unforgettable stories of rebirth and second chance love.
No Strings Attached by Veronica Wilde:
Raised in a stifling religious environment, placing an online sex ad is something Corey Jamison never thought she’d do. But getting divorced has left her eager to explore her fantasies, particularly those kinky ones she’d be too embarrassed to tell a serious boyfriend. Finding a non-judgmental stranger to dominate her sounds like the perfect solution.
At twenty-six, Donovan Halloran is too young and too good-looking to take seriously. Naturally dominant, he seems like the perfect candidate to help her live out her secret desires. But their erotic adventures lead both of them into dangerous emotional territory--and soon Corey finds that Donovan has claimed her heart along with her body.
Moving On by Bonnie Dee:
Recently widowed, Camilla is moving to a new apartment, leaving her home of seventeen years to begin life as a single woman once more. She shares a moment of connection with Ryan, a handsome young moving man, which leads to an unexpected passionate encounter. In one erotically charged evening, everything changes and Camilla awakens to new possibilities in her life.
A Spark of Snow by Vivien Dean:
After fifteen years as a cop in LA’s Juvenile Division, Rachel Foley is burned out. Quitting doesn’t feel like a real option, so she takes a leave of absence to travel across the country and visit her sister. White Bluff, Illinois is a far cry from the urban lifestyle Rachel’s accustomed to, but a few weeks with family seems to be the break she’s looking for. All she wants is time to regroup. A gorgeous twenty-four year-old with a killer smile and a body too distracting for its own good should not be on her agenda. Even if that’s the only place he would like to be...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00