Off Limits

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Off Limits

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Kara has always done as expected. Never deviated from the good side. What it got her was a bad marriage and now she finds herself breaking into her ex’s home to retrieve a bracelet that was a gift from the one man who ever really meant anything to her. Her ex’s younger brother. And said younger brother just happens to be house-sitting when she breaks in. And did I mention he’s a cop?

Austin has loved Kara since the first time he saw her. He knew Clint was bad news and tried to woo Kara away on her wedding day. But she went ahead and married the man her parents loved, divorced him and is now available. And handcuffed to a chair.

Fantasy and forbidden all wrapped up in one quick read. Kara and Austin are both honorable people who are loyal. Through her marriage they become best friends, but both want more. Their moral strictures only allow them to fantasize. When the time for complete honesty comes Kara strips all barriers and reveals her true feelings. Their coming together as lovers, as they should have years ago, was a touching and romantic read.

Book Blurb for Off Limits

Erotic Scarlet Rosette
Rating: 1Rose (contemporary)
Page Count: 36
How does a woman who usually follows the straight and narrow end up handcuffed to a chair by her exhusband’s younger brother, a wickedly delicious man who just happens to be a cop? And the star of her most forbidden fantasies. Kara Reynolds has spent the past thirtyeight years being a good girl, but there’s something about Austin that makes her want to be really bad. Now, she’s caught in a situation that could either humiliate her…or set her free.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50