Miss July

This book is part of the Calendar Girls series.

Friends first, lovers for one memorable night, and then…..nothing. Young and foolish, both Andrea and Ben let other people and misunderstandings get between them. Ben thinks the worst, that he hurt Andrea in his passion. Andrea thinks Ben didn’t care enough to contact her, and her mother confirms her suspicions. Now it’s years later, and Ben is following the recommendations of a fortune teller to follow the horses and find Miss July. The horses take him to England, where he knows Andie went to nursing school and is now living and working. What are the chances he’ll find her?

Andie can’t believe her eyes when she sees Ben in London. Hoping he doesn’t see her, she sneaks away and is appalled when he shows up at her second job. That of a stripper known as Miss July. After years of thinking he scared her away, Ben goes all out to get Andie alone and take her like he really wants to. Thinking she’s more than a stripper, he struggles briefly but his heart wants what it wants, and it wants Andie regardless of her past. Can the two again overcome misunderstandings and misconceptions to actually be together this time?

A happy ending is what these two deserve, and they get it, but the journey there is bumpy. With the supernatural help of a Goddess, the two are given many opportunities as they are thrown together in unusual situations that all end up with them wrapped around one another. This was a steamy sexy read, and if you like your man a little rough, then Ben is definitely for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic love story with its edgy encounters and naked emotion. A definite must read.

Book Blurb for Miss July

Length: Short Novel

Years ago, Andrea walked out of Ben’s life. Mixed with the bitter sting of rejection was the fear that he’d done something wrong. For years, he’s worried that he might have hurt Andie. For years, he’s been the world’s most careful lover. There’s always been something missing in his relationships. Now Ben’s traveling to England. But he won’t admit, even to himself, that he’s hoping to find Andie.

Andie can’t believe Ben is in London. She’d thought an ocean would be enough to keep her heart safe from that particular hot male animal. But she was wrong. And Ben has picked up some pretty shocking, kinky habits since she last saw him. When he lets loose and finally gives in to his naturally aggressive instincts, Andie finds herself falling for the rugged hunk all over again. But she’s not the innocent tomboy she was twelve years ago. Now she’s Miss July at the Centerfold Club.

Reader Advisory: In one sizzling scene, Andie and Ben lose themselves in an orgasmic lap dance—to the delight of some voyeuristic observers.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.50