Lyon's Price

Lyon can't believe he was foolish enough to be caught. Now a captive of his enemy and creators, Lyon is plotting his escape while he waits for his fellow cyborg's to liberate him. After another torture session that ends as all the others, a nurse who actually treats him like a person is treating him. Samara. When she makes a novice mistake concerning his cuffs he takes the opportunity to have his way with her. But it seems his interest is reciprocated.

When his team arrives, mid coitus with his little human, he shocks everyone, himself included, by asking only for her in exchange for not destroying the enemy ship. As they make their escape, Samara in tow, he has to wonder how long his interest will last and what he was thinking. This is not his normal reaction, and it is just the beginning of a roller coaster ride of emotions for this unprepared cyborg.

Guilty Pleasure Alert! Loved this story with a passion. It hit all my happy girl buttons. Clueless Alpha. Check. Spunky heroine. Check. Enjoyable cohorts. Check. This appears to be the start of a series and I can't wait. Lyon and Samara set the pages on fire with their uncontrollable attraction. Lyon is adorable with his cluelessness, but scary when he's angry. Poor Samara is innocent but thought guilty and still manages to maintain her dignity. I loved her character so much! She was beautiful inside and out and didn't know it, and her humanity made her shine. Sexy and funny at the same time I couldn't put this down until I had finished, and then I lamented it was over. I anxiously await the next book in the series (and there had better be one!)

Book Blurb for Lyon's Price

Captured and en route to a medical facility for dissection and study, cyborg Lyon expects nothing but pain and degradation from his captors. But Samara isn’t like the others, treating his wounds with care and igniting a fire deep within. When she neglects to ensure his cuffs are locked tight, all hell breaks loose. A hot, sensual hell against the cell wall.

When his team arrives, Lyon knows he should walk away…but he can’t. His little human has gotten under his skin. He’ll take her as payment for his suffering, keep her in his bed and pleasure them both for as long as it takes for him to lose interest.

What he doesn’t expect is to lose his heart in the process. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.75