Last Man on Earth

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Last Man on Earth

Short Story

On a routine space mission, Colonel Genie Siska and Major David Randolph have front row seats to the destruction of Earth. Possibly the last surviving members of the human race they struggle with what to do. But mother nature has contingency plans for these kinds of emergencies, and their desire for one another, formerly suppressed due to their positions in the military become secondary, if not obsolete. 
David has always had feelings for Genie, and Genie has always had feelings for David. Now that the strictures of society are blown away, literally, things heat up in a hurry. But Genie still struggles with her being older than David, not to mention being his superior officer. When David stages a mutiny of one, they quickly become a couple devoted to one another. 
To make things worse, a strange alien vessel takes Genie and David captive. What do they want? How can David and Genie get away? The remainder of the tale is a look into the possible future of the human race.
This was definitely a different kind of read. Hot and steamy as expected, it also explored the desire of the human animal to survive and where love and devotion plays a part in our strength. With Earth destroyed by its inhabitants’ stupidity and greed, can the human race start again and do it right this time with a little help?

Book Blurb for Last Man on Earth

After Earth blows up, Astronauts Colonel Genie Siska and Major David Randolph are kidnapped by aliens.

Astronaut Major David Randolph is the last human male alive after Earth blows up. Colonel Genie Siska and David witness Earth's explosion from their space ship. In shock and despair, the couple run through a myriad of emotions. Although Genie's always been highly attracted to the major, he's also fourteen years younger than her. Even though he's literally the last man left alive, she still doesn't know if she can take a man so much younger than her as her lover.

David's always been in love with his commanding officer, and he's frustrated that even now, she resists him. They are literally mankind's last chance for survival. Or are they? When they are "rescued" or is it kidnapped by aliens, the whole picture changes. However, they are not sure if it's for better or worse.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.50