King Of Hearts

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King Of Hearts

Caitlyn Summers is a modern Charlie’s Angel. She’s a small package but is dynamite when required, able to kick butt with minimal damage to herself. There are no chinks in her armor until she spends the night with Erich Radner. He may be “the one.” But then she never hears from him. So she reinforces her armor and goes on. Sounds lonely, doesn’t it?

Erich was in love and ready to take the next step when tragedy struck his family and he had to step up. Once his life settles he goes back for Cait, but she’s not interested. So he gets creative. What follows is quite the ride…..

I liked Cait’s character even though she was a bit arrogant, but she could back that attitude up. Erich was so perfect you have to wonder how no woman snatched him up, but then realize it’s because he was holding out for the one meant for him. The story is crazy fast, with lots of twists and turns, bad guys galore and snarky dialogue for fun. While it takes a while to get to the steamy part of Cait and Erich’s relationship it’s worth the wait. A lot of characters in this book for potential spin-offs, as well as cameos of a few characters from previous books. A good read.

Book Blurb for King Of Hearts

Caitlyn Summers was a loner long before she started working for Hart Investigations. Since taking a position in the company, she's become more than just a regular investigator: now she heads up King of Hearts. That part of the company is hush hush and is only known by word of mouth from those who had used it to those who might find need of their specific talents.

Cat ruled the roost at King of Hearts. She brought in her own people, three women who could kick ass and take names and then she trained them into a crew that could do almost anything. Never had she thought her boss, Joseph Hart, would bring anyone new into the team. That he had was bad enough but that he brought in Erich Radner, a man who'd broken Cat's heart, was even worse.

Would she be able to see the truth or would false conclusions wreck their chance at something that would make Erich her King of Hearts?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50