Kandy Shoppe

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Kandy Shoppe

Contemporary Erotic

What a sweet read! Why is Kandy's freezer always breaking down? Sure it's old, but come on! And isn't it convenient that every time it does break down, Jason Chapman, repairman extraordinaire, is always the one to come to the rescue?

Kandy wants Jason. Has for years. But since he left her naked and untouched years ago, he's like poison ivy to her. Do not go there. What more does a girl need to get the message?

Sure, Jason left Kandy on the brink five years ago. But he had a reason; he just never told her what it was. Now he's older, and sneakier, and ready to go after Kandy.

What's a little unsatisfied lust? What is a wanton ice cream freezer slut? Read and find out! You won't be sorry. And be sure to have some ice cream handy to cool you off!

Book Blurb for Kandy Shoppe

Kandace Parker wants nothing more than to create a thriving ice cream parlor, but her rundown equipment isn't cooperating. Watching her profits melt away each time her freezer breaks is only half her problem - the other half being her ex-boyfriend and super sexy repairman, Jason Chapman.

Jason is man enough to admit he's made some mistakes in his personal life; the biggest one was pushing Kandy away years ago. He knows the Ice-Cream Queen won't willingly give him a second chance, so he devises a plan to keep him front and center in her life with the hopes of wearing down her defenses.

How far will Jason go to to get his second chance? How far will Kandy go to keep her freezer running? When desires collide in The Kandy Shoppe they will have to decide if decadent sex is enough or if love is the best dessert.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.25